Project T

Project T tablet for older adults with cognitive impairment

Project T is a rapid translational field research project to determine the usability of tablet computers for older adults with depression or mild cognitive impairment.

Project Personnel

Richard J. Holden, PhD

Dr. Holden, Associate Professor of Medicine, is an engineer and psychologist who has worked in the areas of health and healthcare since 2001. He holds a BS in Psychology, MS in Psychology, MS in Industrial Engineering, and Joint PhD in Industrial Engineering and ...
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Kunal Bodke, MS

Kunal is a User Experience Designer and Researcher working at Regenstrief Institute. He is solving problems related to cognitive decline in older adults with user-centered design. He holds an engineering degree in Information Technology.
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We wanted to understand whether and how older adults in the Eskenazi Aging Brain Care (ABC) program are willing and able to use a simplified tablet interface and along with specific applications (“apps”) and functions such as video call, self-report surveys, and games.

Findings from Project T offer directions for designing mobile technologies to support professional, informal, and self-care among older adults with mental health needs.

Design of the Intervention



We recruited patients and informal caregivers age 65-80 from primary care or Eskenazi Health ABC program. Researchers conducted usability tests in clinic waiting rooms and patient's home.  Tested the tablet and app use with progressive prompting, instruction, and demonstration within subjects conditions. Assessment of speed and accuracy, user response to the tablet, difficulties encountered by users, and usability of specific features was done during the usability test.


  • Participants were initially hesitant to use the tablet
  • Most performed the tasks with instruction or demonstration, but a few had persistent difficulty
  • Users largely liked the idea of tablet video calls with clinicians and family/friends

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