B-PHIT Indy - Overview

Brain-protective health IT

Brain-protective health information technology (IT) or "B-PHIT Indy" is a one-year initiative to build lasting and functional partnerships with community organizations dedicated to improving the brain health of older adults and informal caregivers.

B-PHIT Indy's overarching goal is to perform design and evaluation of brain health-promoting IT in cooperation with the ultimate end-users of these technologies. We use a process called participatory design to involve these end-users as important informants, co-designers, and evaluators of IT, in order to ensure our products are useful, usable, and satisfying.

Goals of the initiative include the following:

  • constructing an easy-to-access research registry to match community members with IT research projects;
  • redesigning the physical space of the Health Innovation Lab to be more accommodating of individuals with cognitive impairment;
  • training informatics students to perform participatory research with individuals with cognitive impairment; and
  • conducting three value-adding participatory design projects, with at least two proposed by our community partners.

Community partners for B-PHIT Indy are Eskenazi Health, Joy's House, the Indianapolis Discovery Network for Dementia, and Mental Health America - Indiana. Co-investigators are Drs. Nicole Fowler and Dan Clark of the School of Medicine and IU Center for Aging Research and Dr. Andrea Copeland of the Department of Library and Information Science.

B-PHIT Indy was the recipient of the 2016 Charles R. Bantz Award.

Project Personnel

Richard J. Holden, PhD

Dr. Holden, Associate Professor of Medicine, is an engineer and psychologist who has worked in the areas of health and healthcare since 2001. He holds a BS in Psychology, MS in Psychology, MS in Industrial Engineering, and Joint PhD in Industrial Engineering and ...
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Amy Miller, MA

Amy is a project manager who has worked in higher education for 8 years and within the sphere of health care since 1999.  Her experiences include direct patient coaching as a tobacco cessation counselor, to a regional state program director ...
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