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Sravani Vemireddy, PharmD

MS Student

Pursuing my masters in Health Informatics, School of informatics and computing, IUPUI. Holds a degree in Doctor of pharmacy from Bangalore, India. Aspiring to become a successful health data analyst.

Where are you from?
I was born and brought up in India. However, I am fortunate to have my parents at Tanzania, Africa. Visiting them frequently, gave me a chance to treasure the beauty of African Wildlife. I graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences, Bangalore, India in Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Currently, I am pursuing my second semester in MS Health Informatics at IUPUI.

Why are you here?
My prodigious interest in emerging standards of healthcare and technology has motivated me to gain more about the use of technology for better patient care. Dr. Holden’s lab and his projects inspire me to be a consistent learner.

What do you do?
Addressing my master’s program, I work on data analysis and designing and implementing tools for effective patient care. As a graduate research assistant at Health Innovation lab, I am currently working on B-PHIT project which focuses on healthy aging and geriatric patients with mild to severe cognitive impairments.

What are your skills?
Being from a complete health background, I am striving to gain knowledge and hands-on experience with technology. However, I was able to acquire database skills, knowledge on tools for data analysis and concepts of project management from my course work. Working at Dr. Holden’s lab I gained knowledge of few research methods like the participatory design, literature analysis etc.

What are your hobbies?
My hobbies include exploring new places, reading international news articles daily and articles on Quora. Though my master’s degree keep me busy, occasionally I love reading fiction.

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