Luiz Henrique Cavalcanti

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Luiz Henrique C.B. Cavalcanti, MS

PhD Student

Luiz is a Ph.D. Student in Human-Computer Interaction at the School of Informatics and Computing. Luiz have worked on the intersection between design and Engineering all his professional life, Identifying and working on complex systems (problem/people/tools).

Where are you from?
I`m from a warm capital city on the Northeast coast of Brazil Called Recife. There I built myself and many of my values.

Why are you here?
Well, Is part of human nature to challenge yourself. I`m here to go deeper into what I like to do and face new realities.

What do you do?
I like Complexity, to discover and understand how things work and make it simpler. As a designer and engineer a have the opportunity to investigate and project solutions for complex problems in complex scenarios.

What are your skills?
I`m used to communicate with multiple profiles and gather them together to interact together. Because I like complexity, I have practice to break systems(digital/physical/social) into smaller modules and representations. Remember that Simple does not mean easy.

What are your hobbies?
Well, when I`m not working on school or the Lab, I`m probably training Aikido or with friends playing some board game, cooking or discovering new places.

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