Kunal Bodke


Kunal Bodke, MS

Kunal is a User Experience Designer and Researcher working at Regenstrief Institute. He is solving problems related to cognitive decline in older adults with user-centered design. He holds an engineering degree in Information Technology.

Where are you from?
Born in Nashik and done most of my schooling there. After that, spent most of my adult life in Pune, where I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology.

Why are you here?
Love for problem solving and making lives of people easier through technology brought me here. Helping people is gratifying to me and it can also be done by designing right solution. I was introduced to Healthcare IT, mental health and aging by Dr. Holden and since then it has been a great learning experience. Even today being a part of this lab, allows me to interact with multidisciplinary experts, learn new things and collaborate on innovative and challenging projects.

What do you do?
I create things that people can use without getting frustrated.

What are my skills?
User-centered Design, design thinking, rapid prototyping, and bridging the gap between developers and designers.

What are my hobbies?
Cooking, doodling, keeping myself updated with latest trends in technology and design, reading books.

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