Amit Parulekar

Amit Parulekar

Amit Parulekar, MS, MBA

PhD Student

Amit U. Parulekar is a current PhD. student at IUPUI. He holds a BS in engineering from University of Mumbai, MS in Industrial Engineering from University of Texas at Arlington and MBA from University of Dallas. He has also completed a graduate certificate program in health informatics from IUPUI.

Where are you from?
Born and raised in India, I made it to this great country in 2000 to further my learning by pursuing a graduate education in Texas. Subsequently I migrated to Kentucky in 2002 in pursuit of a prestigious internship opportunity at General Electric and have made it my home since.

Why are you here?
It is my honor and privilege to continue my education at Indiana University’s doctorate program to be a leader and educator in the field of health informatics. This learning will help me design heath solutions from a holistic perspective.

What do you do?
After serving at American Red Cross for four years I decided to diversify my healthcare experience by joining Humana, where I have gained valuable insights about the challenges faced by the US healthcare system and the complex interactions between the myriad of medical, social, economic and political forces. Working as a Health Informatics Consultant I design and implement solutions helping consumers achieve a balanced, healthier life to achieve optimal health outcomes.

What are your skills?
My strengths include years of experience and expertise in developing large scale data science solutions. Collaborate with information technology and business counterparts in implementing human centric design solutions. Apart from that I'm also very proactive about outcome focused initiatives.

What are your hobbies?
My love of adventure and learning brought me to this great country all the way from South East Asia. I love traveling and exploring new cultures, culinary delights, meeting interesting people, discovering and celebrating nature's precious wonders in its many forms. Additionally I enjoy spending quality time at the gym and walking my dogs. I'm an avid cricket enthusiast and draw pleasure in watching the World Series with fellow cricket fans.

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