The People

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Lab Director

Richard J. Holden, PhD

Dr. Holden, Associate Professor of Medicine, is an engineer and psychologist who has worked in the areas of health and healthcare since 2001. He holds a BS in Psychology, MS in Psychology, MS in Industrial Engineering, and Joint PhD in Industrial Engineering and ...
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Postdoctoral Fellow co-Directors

Jordan R. Hill, PhD

Dr. Hill is a postdoc at the Indiana University School of Medicine and a postdoctoral co-director of the Health Innovation Lab.  She holds a B.Eng in Aerospace Engineering and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering.
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Carly Daley, MS

Carly is a Ph.D. student in BioHealth Informatics. She has a background in psychology and discovered the field of health informatics while working in research at Parkview Health (Fort Wayne, IN) in 2011. After completing the M.S. in BioHealth Informatics in 2016, she relocated to ...
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Kunal Bodke, MS

Kunal is a User Experience Designer and Researcher working at Regenstrief Institute. He is solving problems related to cognitive decline in older adults with user-centered design. He holds an engineering degree in Information Technology.
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Oindrila Raha, PhD

I did my Doctoral thesis on Identification of SNPs of Type 1 Diabetes in Indian cohort, which involved prediction of genes associated with T1DM based on statistical analysis of the data. Currently pursuing Masters in Bioinformatics to understand the informatics ...
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Sara Helene P. Viernes, DDS

Dr. Sara is a general dentist who began practicing dentistry in 2002 in Indianapolis.  She is a team member of the craniofacial team at Peyton Manning Childrens Hospital, an interdisciplinary specialty team treating children with craniofacial anomalies. She is in ...
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Amy Miller, MA

Amy is a project manager who has worked in higher education for 8 years and within the sphere of health care since 1999.  Her experiences include direct patient coaching as a tobacco cessation counselor, to a regional state program director ...
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Prasanthi Kodthala, PharmD

I am a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) graduate in India. During my internship, I was collaborated with health care providers and worked closely by rendering clinical services like Drug-Drug Interactions, ADR monitoring, Prescription. Currently am a student at IUPUI, pursuing ...
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Takshak Parmar, B.Tech

Takshak is a current student at IUPUI pursuing his MS in Human Computer Interaction. In 2016, he graduated with a B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology, where working on HCI projects, he cultivated interest in the ways in which technology ...
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Rehab Tambe, MS

MS candidate in the Human Computer Interaction program at the School of Informatics of Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis. Holds a Masters and Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Worked in the IT industry in India for around 5 years ...
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Amit Parulekar, MS, MBA

Amit U. Parulekar is a current PhD. student at IUPUI. He holds a BS in engineering from University of Mumbai, MS in Industrial Engineering from University of Texas at Arlington and MBA from University of Dallas. He has also completed ...
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